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We created an imaginary NYC that shrinks in size as the talent walks along with hundreds of buildings, at dozens of scales, and numerous other miniature elements.

We built all custom items in this urban themed procession: Jim Jones' sedan chair, bycycle rigs, banners and more.

We created a 25% scale version of the famous Wall St Charging Bull sculpture for use by the CGI department of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Crucial attention to detail for form and finish were a must.

We created a series of environments and mechanical props for a Boars Head campaign that lampoons the competition's terribly clinical and industrial approach to creating lunch meat.

We built the island of Japan as an Asics, Onitsuka Tiger running shoe for use in this animation and for display purposes. Elaborately detailed, motorized and illuminated, the model is currently traveling around the world.

Using time lapse photography and video footage, NYC animation house, Panda Panther put together this behind the scenes animation of our fabrication of the Asics Onitsuku Tiger Sneaker as the Island of Japan.

We had to build this "Millionaire Machine" that shoots out New Jersey Lotto Pick Six winners. The machine has numerous mechanical elements, lights and a smoke rig to create an almost Steam Punk style and character.

We created a custom-fit chest plate with an in-house designed and sculpted Dragon element on "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" for the character Sun Loc. The dragon detail was utilized statically as well as used for reference by the film's CGI department to create animated effects. We also created numerous pairs of distressed "brass" fingernail/claws for the Sun Loc character.

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The iconic Love Toilet from SNL.

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